Water-base Wood Filler

 Water-base Wood Filler

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FAMOWOOD® Water-Based Wood Fillers have all of the benefits and handling properties of FAMOWOOD Solvent-Based Wood Filler and is free from solvent fumes. Available in 10 colors.


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  • Easy application: FAMOWOOD Water-Based Wood Filler requires no mixing. It spreads smoothly and evenly into small or large holes & cracks in defects in unfinished wood.
  • Fast dry time: FAMOWOOD Water-Based Wood Filler dries in 15 minutes. Once dry, it acts just like real wood and is ready to sand, saw, stain, nail, paint or plane.
  • High solid content: Takes stains and paints like real wood because it's made with real wood.
  • Minimal shrinking: Stronger than the wood it replaces with no signs of shrinkage, cracking or crumbling.
  • Indoor/Outdoor use: FAMOWOOD Water-Based Wood Filler may be used indoor or out, making it ideal for custom projects.
  • Safe: FAMWOOD Water-Based Wood Filler is non-flammable and free of solvent fumes. It meets growing consumer demand for a product that has little or no impact on the environment, yet maintains the qualities of our time-tested solvent-based products
  • Easy Cleanup: Simply clean tools with soap and water.

Instructions For Safe Use︰ INSTRUCTIONS FOR SAFE USE
Follow these step-by-step directions when using FAMOWOOD Latex Wood Filler:

1.For best adhesion, cracks or defects should be clean and dry.
2.Press firmly into defect by hand or putty knife.
3.A thin film will dry within minutes. Lower temperatures require longer drying periods.
4.When dry, sand flush with surrounding surfaces.
5.Surfaces may be painted, varnished, lacquered, waxed, or shellacked, after FAMOWOOD application.
6.FAMOWOOD can be drilled, nailed, planed, or sawed like ordinary wood.
7.Clean tools, while still wet, with water or soap and water. If product has dried on tools, use chlorinated solvent or steam.
8.Close container after each use.

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