Painter’s® Nail Hole Filler

Painter’s® Nail Hole Filler

Model No.︰310011

Brand Name︰Painter’s®

Country of Origin︰United States

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Product Description


Painter’s® Nail Hole Filler is a ready-to-use spackling that requires no mixing, no messy putty knives, and no scraping or sanding. It makes repairing nail holes and cracks simple with its all-in-one applicator system. This general-purpose spackling goes on with just a squeeze of the tube. The sponge tip evens out and finishes the surface, for a smooth texture with no scraping or sanding required.


  • Versatile: Painter’s® Nail Hole Filler's angled sponge tip applicator and texturizer evens out and finishes textured or smooth surfaces and is great on stucco, plaster, wallboard and wood.


  • Fast drying time: Dries in minutes and is ready to paint in 12-15 minutes.


  • Easy clean up: Warm water does the job, easily and quickly. Replace the sponge tip applicator and the clear cap when finished.


  • Long-lasting: Painter’s® Nail Hole Filler will not dry out, like other brands, and will remain pliable when clear cap is replaced. Knead spackling within tube prior to use.

Painter’s® Nail Hole Filler Tips

  • Painter’s® Nail Hole Filler's sponge tip applicator should be cleaned and the clear cap replaced after each use.


  • Store at room temperature and protect from freezing temperatures.

Painter’s® Nail Hole Filler Uses

  • Works on wood, stucco, wallboard and paste

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