Industrial Adhesive E6000 Series

Industrial Adhesive E6000 Series

Model No.︰E-6000 Series

Brand Name︰E-6000

Country of Origin︰United States

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Product Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION : E-6000 is a high-performance elastomeric adhesive that exhibits exceptional bonding to a broad range of materials including: metals, glass, plastic, composites, tile, cement, rubber, leather, wood and vinyl. E-6000 provides a tough waterproof bond that won¡¦t crack or become brittle because it remains flexible. The performance of E-6000 exceeds silicones, acrylics and rubber cements because it sticks to more surfaces with more strength and durability. TOP 10 FEATURES & BENEFITS: FEATURE: High adhesion to a variety of substrates. BENEFIT: Adheres to glass, metal, plastic, rubber, concrete, vinyl, leather, etc. The applications are only limited by your imagination. FEATURE: Five year shelf life for unopened containers. BENEFIT: May stock for future sales (unlike cyanoacrylates, which can polymerize). FEATURE: E-6000 is paintable with oil or waterbased coatings. BENEFIT: Although available in black, gray, white and clear, you can paint to match the color of your material (silicones are not paintable). FEATURE: Waterproof bond. BENEFIT: Seals pools, tanks or other liquid containers; provides a moisture barrier. FEATURE: Available in UV-resistant (UV-6800) and Nonsag formulas (E-6100). BENEFIT: Use UV-6800 for applications exposed to sunlight. Use E-6100 for vertical applications. FEATURE: Highly flexible yet extremely strong. BENEFIT: Maintains bonds subject to vibration. Bonds materials with high coefficients of expansion (cement). Has 10 times the tensile strength of silicones. FEATURE: Resistant to abrasion and impact. BENEFIT: Use on high traffic areas as a protective coating. FEATURE: Provides chemical resistance against acids and bases. BENEFIT: Use as a protective barrier against corrosion (i.e. saltwater, sulfuric acid). FEATURE: Excellent dielectric and resistivity properties. BENEFIT: Recommended for electrical applications. FEATURE: Nonflammable. BENEFIT: Use where flammable products are dangerous.

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