Premium FRP Adhesive

Premium FRP Adhesive

Model No.︰252012

Brand Name︰Premium FRP

Country of Origin︰United States

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Won't sag, drip or run on vertical
or horizontal applications

Impervious to water after complete cure

Great for bonding objects subject to normal wear

Sandable with a dustless sander after
formula has fully cured

Paint to match surrounding area or make
UV resistant after complete cure

Safe for applications exposed to diluted acids
and diluted caustics

Interior or exterior use after formula has fully cured



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Premium FRP, Industrial Strength Premium Column Adhesive

10.1 oz. Cartridge, Clear

Non-Sag, Paintable, Sandable, Non-flammable Formula.  Interior/Exterior, Waterproof, Clear

 Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Premium Column Adhesive is a unique non-sag adhesive, formulated for use in the installation of split columns, capitals, and bases. FRP can be used on Fiber Reinforced Polymer, Polyurethane Foam, Wood, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, and Stone. This formula will not sag, drip, or run and can be used in applications requiring vertical and horizontal hold. FRP will bond in cold temperatures (-40°F/-40°C), and has good resistance to high temperatures (180°F/82°C) after full cure. The clear formula can be sanded with a *dustless sander and painted after it has cured. FRP is impervious to water after curing.

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