FAMOWOOD Dura-Tuff Clear Coat

FAMOWOOD Dura-Tuff Clear Coat

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Product Description


Product Description:

FAMOWOOD Dura-Tuff Clear Coat is a superior strength polyurethane coating that creates a tough, UV and scratch-resistant, clear-gloss finish. It is one of the easiest coatings to apply and provides many years of protection. FAMOWOOD Dura-Tuff is a quick-drying primer and an intermediate and finish c oat all in one.

  • Easy: With FAMOWOOD Dura-Tuff, there is nothing to add or mix. This clear gloss, moisture cure urethane replaces varnish is non-yellowing and maintains superior adhesion.
  • Outstanding UV protection: FAMOWOOD Dura-Tuff is
    UV-resistant. Use over FAMOWOOD Glaze Coat.
  • Tough: Designed for use on hardwood floors, floor boards, boats and other surfaces needing abrasion and scratch resistance.
  • Fast drying: Dries in half the time varnishes require.

Use FAMOWOOD Dura-Tuff Clear Coat for:

  • Marine: Protect above-water surface areas of canoes, fiberglass and wood boats, hydroplanes, and driftboats. Also protect floorboards, paddles, oars, seats, decks and walkways.
  • Home: Hardwood floors, doors, exposed aggregate walk and driveways, wood garden furniture. Protect all types of metal, and ultra-violet protection for clear epoxy resin surfaces.

    Note: Dura-Tuff is slippery when wet. For walking or stepping surfaces, non-skid granules must be added.
  • Sports: Snow and water skis, fishing lures and poles, golf clubs, bows & arrows, gym floors - any sporting good where wear and tear on the coating is important.
  • Industrial: Industrial floors, clear protection for all types of copper, bronze, ferrous metals and aluminum. (Aluminum should be treated with ALODINE™ prior to applying Dura-Tuff.)

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