Contractor Application Adhesive E6000 Series

Contractor Application Adhesive E6000 Series

Model No.︰E6000系列

Brand Name︰E6000

Country of Origin︰United States

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Minimum Order︰-

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INDUSTRIES AND USE CONTRACTOR APPLICATION APPLIANCE DEALERS: bonds to plastic appliance casing, lamps, fixtures, china. plastics or metal (door handles), vacuum hose assemblies. CERAMIC TILE DEALERS: replace loose tiles, bonding racks, soapdishes to tile, wood trim to tile, porcelain to tile. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: paneling, metal fixtures, gutters, foundation cracks, fences, gates, carpet, shingles on roof, seal copper and galvanized pipe. GLASS/GREENHOUSE/SOLARIUM CONSTRUCTION: mirrors, reading glasses, shelves, glass blocks (artist displays) solar panels, greenhouses. HOSE AND COUPLING SUPPLY: seals fittings, repairs hoses. HVAC SUPPLY: seal metal airducts, coat and waterproof conduit. PLUMBING SUPPLY: seals leaking porcelain, affix towel racks to tile, seal pipes, restore rubber shift boots, split heater hoses. POOL/SAUNA SUPPLY: replace tiles, seals gutters, fix cleaning equipment, fastens water drains, caulk pool tiles, seals fiberglass to wood on hot tubs. PORTABLE BUILDINGS: fix splits in siding, metal hinges to plastic doors, affix signs to buildings. VIDEO SCREEN MANUFACTURER: bond carpet to metal floor, replace loose bricks, marble, tile, ceramic, bonds brick to rock, affix or replace wood paneling. WOODWORKING: Bond joints with movement (cribs, loose screws, rocking horses, wooden banisters), secure metal hinges or fixtures to wood, secure loose chair rungs.

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